Apiary Book is lauching PRO features!

Take better care of your bees using Apiary Book on Android, iOS, Web, sync your apiary information in the cloud and share with a partner, communicate easier with beekeepers from all over the world! Starting 15th Feb.

*Standalone versions (including existing Android app) will be free to use.
PRO features require the payment of a subscription.

Apiary Book

Apiary Book

What started off as a way for beekeepers to take better care of their bees has evolved into a community built around preserving this most valuable natural resource upon which our very survival depends.

Initially beekeepers used the app to carefully monitor their bee colonies but as more and more users started to use it, the app changed and grew into an international support tool.

That is why we are now ready to move to the next level and we hope you will join us in creating a place where information will be shared and know-how exchanged over continents.

February 15th 2020

The date when Apiary Book will launch PRO features. We will transform the way you care for your bees and offer you a great means of communicating with beekeepers from all over the world.

Standalone versions (Android, iOS, Web) will be free to use. PRO features require the payment of a subscription.


An all-encompassing view built specifically to offer you better visibility for management, reporting, data analysis and collaboration


We are ready to release this much requested addition to our family. Apple mobile users will be able to download the app and use it for monitoring and updating info regarding hive and colony health


Enhanced with support for collaboration and fast and easy communication with other beekeepers.

   Cloud Sync

Sync all your devices (Android, iPhone) in the cloud and enjoy instant, full access to your apiary data


An interactive platform where beekeepers will be able to notify all users in an area/region regarding any incidents with a potential negative impact on bee health and wellbeing.


Enables you to share information with a beekeeping partner, offering you instant access to any updates or changes in the apiary

Why go PRO?

Apiary Book

Communicate easier, faster, better

Talking has never been easier between beekeepers, associations and farmers. Quickly access advice, best practices tips and tricks, and discover priceless mentorship programs between experienced beekeepers and those just starting out.

Fully integrated beekeeping management tools

Access the web version for a full perspective on your beehives and use mobile devices to instantly record findings in your apiary: identify hives using QR codes/NFC tags, use the app hands-free and through voice activation and enjoy the local assistant’s recommendations for best beekeeping practices.

Apiary Book

Where do I sign up?

Early Bees get the prize!

We value early adopters and our truly loyal users so before we go live in February we want to offer you a special one-time deal for one-year pro subscription

One-time payment – one-year use

First 100 subscribers


200 EURO

~16 EUR/month

Next 300 subscribers


250 EURO

~20 EUR/month

Next 600 subscribers


300 EURO

~25 EUR/month/user

Sign up for an early one-year subscription and enjoy all the benefits Apiary Book can provide.

One-time payment and you will have access to the following:

Web, Android, iOS

Web, Android, iOS

Access to your apiary data from any device

Cloud sync

Cloud sync

Cloud sync with mobile on Android or iOS



Share information with a beekeeping partner



Cloud storage for all your beekeeping information



View full reports on bee health and hive status

Best practices

Best practices

Access know-how from all over the world



Talk with beekeepers and get valuable advice and a new perspective