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Apiary Ads

Apiary Ads is your go-to platform for advertising exclusively to beekeepers.

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Why choose Apiary Ads
Grow your business with smart targeted advertising!
Start right away

There's a very easy on-boarding process, just create an account and you can start advertising.

Affordable pricing model

The CPM pricing model is tailored to satisfy your business needs.

Personal support

From the moment you start using Apiary Ads, our team offers personal support.

Micro-targeting options

Target beekeepers from selected countries and display ads in preferred languages.

Reach tens of thousands
of beekeepers worldwide

If you’re looking to target only beekeepers and cut advertising costs in the process, then we recommend that you take Apiary Ads for a test run. Apiary industry suppliers have access to our community, and the possibility to reach tens of thousands of beekeepers from around the world who are interested in their products and services. We've already helped suppliers from 3 continents display their offers and grow their businesses.

Whether you are selling beekeeping equipment, feeding supplements for honey bees, honey and other honey-related products, honey bee queens or a specific service, the best way to target beekeepers is directly with Apiary Ads.

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How does the platform work?

The platform offers you the possibility to advertise your products or services directly to beekeepers who are a part of the Apiary Book community.

Apiary Book is one of the most popular apiary management solutions available today, with over 265,000 installs for the Android app and over 25,000 monthly active users. Your ads can be shown on a number of different channels that we’ve built to communicate with the audience, just take your pick:

1. Banner in Apiary Book for Android and Web + Banner on apiarybook.com,
2. Banner in our dedicated newsletter to Apiary Book users,
3. Advertorial on our blog,
4. Special posts on social media channels.

You can always increase your reach by choosing to communicate simultaneously on all channels.

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Get more customers with Apiary Ads

Promote your business
Sell products or services
Raise brand awareness
Get quality website traffic
Ready, set, go
Learn how to use Apiary Ads
Set up your account and start advertising

Create your Apiary Ad account to start advertising your business on Apiary Book platform. You can run multiple ads at the same time, with different marketing objectives: to promote your business, help sell products or services, raise awareness, and/or increase traffic to your website.

What you need to start creating ads

To create your very own ad, you should take some time to prepare the following: Name of your campaign, Description (optional), Start date, Text of the ad, Ad banner (png or gif, 320x50 px), a Call To Action text, a Web link, Ad targeting: All Countries (Worldwide) or Selected Countries. Remember: You can add multiple translations in different languages.

Ad statuses and aproval process

To keep ads safe and appropriate for everyone, ads are reviewed to make sure they comply with Apiary Ads policies. After you create or edit an ad, the ad's status is Draft and can be Published. All content in your ad is reviewed, including your title, description, web link, target and banner. During this process, the ad’s status will be Pending review. If it's accepted then its status will change to Active, and it will start to run.

Check reports or weekly analysis

Reports help you view, organize, and analyze your data. You can easily find out information about your ad like Number of Displays or Clicks, check graphs by Top Country or Language and view detailed reports.

Affordable CPM pricing plans
Choose one of our plans to start advertising
5000 impressions


  • Access to Ads Manager
  • Reporting feature active
  • No Campaign Optimization
  • No Weekly Analysis
10 000 Impressions


  • Access to Ads Manager
  • Reporting feature active
  • Campaign Optimization included
  • No Weekly Analysis
20 000 impressions


  • Access to Ads Manager
  • Reporting feature active
  • Campaign Optimization included
  • Weekly Analysis included
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