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Bees and Beekeeping in the Classroom

Apiary Education

Apiary Education is a special initiave that we love and have been supporting for years. It's objective is to help professors get better beekeeping learning results for all students in classrooms from all over the world. We offer them our support with Free Apiary Book PRO subscriptions and generous discounts for their Students.

We believe that technology is key to making our lives better and our activities more efficient. This is why Apiary Book PRO is such a great asset for both teachers and students.

If you are interested in our initiative and would like to benefit from our free subscription or from our discount, please contact us.

Choose Apiary Book PRO For Teaching

Beekeeping Features that Support Students' Learning Process

Access from Multiple Devices

Teachers and students can access their account from multiple devices: smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop.

Record apiaries and hives

You can create apiaries (hearths), set up their location, then define hives with: bee family info, queen history, hive components, inspections etc.

Cloud Storage for all Data

The data recorded in the app is always safe with us. We create backups and you can restore it whenever it's necessary.

Access to Best Practices

Based on data recorded by teachers or students, Apiary Book will provide advice & best practices.

Advanced Reports & Analysis

The reports and graphs that we provide will make it easier for you to analyse recorded data and get the insights you need.

Classroom Communication Tools

You can message your students directly through the app and vice versa, the students can get in touch with with you privately.

Why use Apiary Book
in the classroom?
Teaching with technology can deepen student learning by supporting instructional objectives.

Research has shown that activity-based learning, as opposed to lecture-based learning, improves student creativity and learning by encouraging students to use technology to create their own unique ideas. However, it can be challenging to select the “best” tech tools while not losing sight of your goals for student learning. Once identified, integrating those tools can itself be a challenge albeit an eye-opening experience.

Apiary Book is the perfect tool in your teaching kit, with virtually no learning curve, just ready to be used right away. Your students will find it easy to use because it has a friendly interface, all main categories and details being clearly displayed. And most importantly, it's error free so that you can always enjoy a seamless experience.

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The best way for students to learn about modern beekeeping is with a tool that provides both structure and support.

Apiary Book is the most complete solution for the management of apiaries. When you start using it, expect to find a multitude of features that help you structure & organize your beekeeping data in a way that is easy to vizualize and use later on.

What's more, it has features that support beekeepers' activity with recommendations, best practices, advice from a big community of keepers and mentors who can always be consulted on the bigger issues at hand. Apiary Book is a well-rounded app and the best teaching tool that you can to take into the classroom.

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Apiary Book PRO for the classroom

There is nothing better than having the best tools to teach your students about beekeeping. Choose Apiary Book as your companion in the classroom and you'll soon understand why it is the most popular apiary management app available today. Install Apiary Book
For Teachers


Per Year
  • Android and Web app
  • Multiple apiaries, Unlimited hives
  • Cloud storage for all information
  • Access of apiary data from multiple devices
  • Advanced reports and analysis
  • Communication tools to talk with students
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