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Apiary Inform

Apiary Inform is the first management and communication solution dedicated to beekeeping associations. It's a solution easy to use, all you need to do is register with us, add members and you can start sending notifications. For a personalized offer, send us a message.

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How Apiary Inform Works
For Beekeeping Associations

By using Apiary Inform, any association president will be able to handle day to day activities easier. Main features include:

  • Register and manage the list of members,
  • Invite members to join the communication group,
  • Create and send notifications to beekeepers,
  • Communication channels: email, in-app messages, SMS.
For Member Beekeepers

Member beekeepers will be kept informed at all times about important developments or activities within the community:

  • Get the latest beekeeping news,
  • Have access to local best practices,
  • Be alerted about diseases or pests discovered in the area,
  • Receive event details and other relevant information.
Why start using Apiary Inform?
As an association president, what is the channel through which you communicate with your beekeepers? Do you call them, send them messages, communicate with them through social media channels?

Whatever method you use, it is certainly not one dedicated exclusively to communicating with beekeepers. Apiary Inform aims to facilitate communication between associations and their beekeepers, in real time and through a specialized channel.

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As a beekeeper, have you ever been put in a situation where you were not informed in time about varroa mites or other deadly pests being spotted nearby?

Probably yes, and probably the feeling you had when you saw the dead hives cannot be described in words. With the help of Apiary Inform such situations can be prevented because the Association will inform its beekeepers in real time through the app, and thus you will be able to take any necessary protection measures faster.

I want Apairy Inform for my Association!
How to get started, step by step
  • Create an account & define organization

    The first thing you need to do is register with us. Once you've created a new account on our platform and logged in, it's time to fill in a few details about your Association, like name, address, website, email address etc.

  • Add, invite and confirm members

    Adding the members of your Association is really simple: from your account navigate to the section "Members" and click on "Create New". For each new member added, you need to fill a form with required information: name, surname, phone number and email address. All members added in Apiary Inform will automatically receive an email invitation to join your Association's group. To complete the process, new members need to confirm membership by clicking the link they receive in the invitation.

    All members are informed that in order to get in-app notifications on their smartphone, they must have Apiary Book for Android installed and a registered account.

  • Create and send notifications

    You can now send messages and notifications to confirmed members of your association. Navigate to section "Notifications" and click on "Create new", then fill in your name, the subject or title of your notification, write the email text and the phone message you want, then click "Create" & hit "Send". Repeat the process every time you have news or alerts that need to be sent to your members. It's very easy and the best thing is that it's completely free!

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