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Connecting Beekeepers, Farmers and Local Authorities

Apiary Report

Apiary Report is a platform designed to record and help the early detection of problems/ incidents affecting bee families' health. It connects all the beekeepers, farmers and local authorities together to take action on time.

How Apiary Report Works
Discover how the platform connects beekeepers with farmers and local authorities
Reporting for Beekeepers

If your colony deals with losses, diseases, pests, you can report the problems in Apiary Report or with Apiary Book.

This solution will also keep you informed about colony problems that local beekeepers are dealing with.

You will receive notifications from farmers and local authorities when phytosanitary treatments are executed for crops near your beehives, through SMS, email and Apiary Book in-app notification.

Reporting for Farmers

If you're planning to spray an insecticide/pesticide that may present a risk to bees (for instance on a flowering crop), you can create an event with details about it (when, where, with what substance).

With one click you can notify both the authorities and beekeepers about it, the latter thus being able to act early and prevent bee losses.

Reporting for Local Authorities

By using Apiary Report, you will be able to add and/or approve local farmers and beekeepers, define fields, crops, beehive locations and manage everything.

You can always report crop treatments that farmers tell you about, even if they are not registered on Apiary Report.

Inform the beekeepers about the place and time of the crop treatment through SMS, email and Apiary Book in-app notifications.

About Privacy

The details of a user (name, email, etc.) are not shared with other users.

The locations of nearby apiaries are not visible to farmers or local authorities.

The exact location of the crop treatment is not available to beekeepers.

Beekeepeers, always be informed

The first big advantage of using Apiary Report is that you will always receive notifications from local farmers or the authorities when a new crop treatment is scheduled to take place. The purpose of such notifications (recieved via SMS, email and Apiary Book in-app message) is for you to be informed in time to take measures that prevent colony losses and protect your bees.

With Apiary Book's Report feature you can report problems discovered in your own hives or that may present a risk to honey bees, like pesticide poisoning, diseases, pests, extreme weather and others. We encourage you to report bee health issues found in your own apiary. Your actions can make a difference for nearby beekeepers - your notifications might save their colonies!

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Report, Notify, Protect
Farmers, how and why you need
to report pesticide spraying
on your crops

As a farmer, you might have to use pesticides or insecticides to protect your crops from pests or diseases. Many of these substances are highly toxic to honey bees, but also in general to the local fauna or wildlife. In an effort to contain pesticide impacts, some states and countries have passed laws according to which you are required to notify the local authorities of the type of pesticide, and of the time and location where you plan on using it.

We've created Apiary Report to make reporting faster and easier for you. All you have to do is register as a Farmer on our Apiary Report Platform and you can start adding the details of your next spraying event.

The data that you report will reach the authorities and the local beekeepers. Your role in preventing bee colony losses is vital, this is why we encourage you to start using Apiary Report as soon as possible.

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Local authorities, facilitating communication and collaboration

Local Authorities have a central role in keeping accurate records of all spraying events and in notifying beekeepers in a timely manner, so as to avoid dire consequences for their bee colonies. In many countries, the states have regulated the use of pesticides while also opting to enforce strict reporting policies.

Apiary Report is a solution that helps authorities manage both farmers' upcoming crop treatments and send notifications to beekeepers. It's quick and easy! Even if farmers or beekeepers don't use the platform themselves, as a representative of the local authority you can add all their contact details, for farmers you can define the location of the fields, assign crops, then create and send notifications to bekeepers. Practically, this tool helps authorities keep detailed and accurate reports for all spraying events, saving them both time and money.

Our solution facilitates the easy communication of events and reduces costs, so that authorities no longer have to give 100 phone calls to 100 beekeepers; they just create the treatment event and with one click, a notification is sent by SMS, email, and as an in-app message in Apiary Book.

Our team is ready to discuss custom offline implementation of the solution for local authorities, if needed. If you are a local official and have questions, please send us a message through the contact form below.

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How to get started
Simply create an account and choose your role

To create an account you will need to fill out your name, surname, email address, set up a password, and choose the Role you have: Beekeeper, Farmer, Local Authority. You will soon receive an email asking you to confirm the account. After that you should log in with your credentials.

Protecting honey bee colonies
Notifications For Beekeepers

As a beekeeper, the platform allows you to create a full list of your apiaries, adding important details to each one (name, location, contact details, description). This list will be visible to your local authority. If your apiaries are close to an area or crop where there's been reported a spraying or treatment, you will receive an alert in "Notifications".

Modern reporting at its best
Crop Treatment Reporting to Local Authorities

All farmers have a reliable & fast way of notifying local authorities and beekeepers about the treatments they intend to carry out. Apiary Report allows farmers to do a number of things: create a list of all fields owned and corresponding active crops, choose or add the type of products used for treatments, and of course, they can create spraying events, meant to alert authorities and beekeepers about when and where they will take place.

Fast & efficient event management
Always be in control,
know everything every day

As a representative of the local authority, you always need to be informed about treatments being carried out by farmers and you also need a quick way to notify beekeepers of such events. Apiary Report provides you with the possibility to oversee and manage successfully an entire region. Through the platform you can either see what farmers have reported or you can create alerts yourself.

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