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Apiary Adopt

Join our efforts to help beekeepers from around the world. Be the change you want to see in the world, Adopt an Apiary! #ApiaryAdopt ENROLL TODAY, ADOPT NOW!


Why Adopt?

Without a shade of doubt, bees – and other pollinators – are essential to our life on Earth. Bees alone are responsible for the pollination of about 1/3 of the food we eat.

During the past 10 years, beekeepers, primarily in the United States and Europe, have been reporting annual hive losses that are substantially more than is considered normal or sustainable. There are so many challenges that beekeepers need to overcome in order to keep their hives thriving. Just think of how many factors threaten bees' lives: habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and insecticides, various diseases and pests, and others.

Our mission with Apiary Adopt is to help beekeepers minimize hive losses.
We see beekeepers as the first line of defense in the mission to protect our planet’s bees. So while working in an apiary can be an incredibly fulfilling calling, beekeeping also involves a lot of responsibility. The balance and wellbeing of bees lay in their skillful hands.

It's hard to imagine how our world would look like without beekeepers or without bees. So our mission is to make sure that beekeepers get the support needed to carry on doing what they know best - keep healthy bees.


How Can You Adopt?

The process of adoption is very simple and straightforward. To adopt a beekeeper's apiary you have to buy 1 Apiary Book PRO Subscription which costs exactly 80 euros. The Subscription you buy covers the apiary management needs of 1 beekeeper for 1 year. This way a beekeeper gets access to a multitude of premium features that help him take better informed decisions and keep healthy bees. Read more about Apiary Book PRO.

We currently have almost 1000 beekeepers, from around the world, who enrolled in this program. So feel free to adopt as many apiaries as you want or can.

When you click on the button below, you will be redirected to a safe payment page provided by Stripe, where you can fill out your email adress and credit/debit card details. Once the payment is confirmed on our part, you will receive an email with additional details. The steps you will go through to adopt are outlined below.

If you encounter problems with the payment or have other questions about the Apiary Adopt Program, please contact us at contact@apiarybook.com or simply send us a message through the form below.

100% Secure Payment

To adopt your own apiary, you need to buy a PRO Subscription of 80 euros. After we process and confirm it, you will soon receive the program's details.

Receive Adoption Program Details

From now on you are officially on our list of adopters! During the next few days, our team will match you with a beekeeper who enrolled in Apiary Adopt.

A Perfect Match

When we find you the perfect match, you'll receive an email with the wonderful news, a certificate of Adoption and the beekeeper's contact details, so you can get to know them better.

Get to Know Your Adopted Apiary

At this step, the beekeeper whose apairy you adopted also has your contact details and will be sending you updates, photos and videos about his/her beehives.


Your Benefits

  • An official Adoption Certificate with your name on it.
  • Get to know a beekeeper, learn from their life experience and be a part of their world.
  • Your contribution helps beekeepers to keep on doing what they know best: take care of their hives and raise healthy bees.
  • By sponsoring one apiary you not only help save the bees, but you also support communities and ecosystems that depend on bees to survive.
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We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never collect information about you without your explicit consent.