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Apiary at Work

Your company can have a real positive impact in the community: contribute to the efforts of saving honeybees by investing in Apiary at Work! #BeeTheSolution #ApiaryatWork Read about the program

About Apiary at Work

Honeybees are the world’s number-one pollinator, pollinating 80 percent of all flowering plants, including more than 130 types of fruits and vegetables. That means honeybees touch roughly every third bite of our food and contribute more than $150 billion to the world’s economy annually. Far from being a niche concern, bees lie at the heart of our survival – and they have been dying at unprecedented rates. Their hard work is not only essential to healthy ecosystems, but to sustaining animal and human life too.

Our mission with Apiary at Work is to involve companies from all over the world in the efforts to minimize honeybee losses, with the help of local beekeepers. If you're looking to make a positive long-term impact locally, then Apiary at Work is the program you need.

Apiary at Work starts with committing to the wellbeing of the beehives that you will own, as part of the program, and it grows into a powerful driver for your brand. Adding a social responsability component to your strategy mix will increase consumer engagement with your brand and generate a whole new realm of material for promoting it. This program is the perfect way to show your customers, employees and other stakeholders that you care about the future of local honeybees, while making sure that you are building a strong brand reputation with positive media coverage.

Create memories and teachable moments

A different kind of Team-building

Taste delicious honey

The company's very own honey

Support the local community

Working with a dedicated local beekeeper

Explore our full service offer

We provide end-to-end services for Apiary at Work

Beehive Location Assistance

We act as consultants recommending the best location to place your company's beehives.

Beehive Delivery & Setup

We take care of setting up the beehives (IoT sensors, bee colonies etc) and deliver them safely.

Apiary Management App

With Apiary Book PRO you'll monitor the hives' wellbeing from distance, with minimum effort.

Dedicated Local Beekeeper Employment

The hives will be in good hands with a local experienced beekeeper who will join the team.

12 Beekeeping Activities

We can provide a maximum number of 12 beekeeping activities that are done every year for each beehive, including honey harvesting.

5 Days of Beekeeping Lessons & Practice

If you want to teach your employees about beekeeping, we offer lessons and hands-on practice sessions.

2 Apiary Seminars for Employees

Bring your teams in the apiary for 2 seminars packed with information about bees and how to raise them.

10 Honey Jars / Beehive

After harvesting honey from each beehive, we can deliver about 10 jars/beehive with custom company labels.

Media Materials & Support

Our team can provide media materials for the company's marketing activities, such as program presention and pictures from the hives.

Detailed Project Costs

€500-€600 per Beehive Setup
Honey Bee Hive Installation

This covers a number of specific activities needed to start off the project on the right foot: support with deciding on the best beehive location, delivery and setup of beehives with IoT sensors installed and populated with bee colonies.

€80/year for 1 PRO Subscription
Professional Apiary Management with PRO Subscriptions

We recommend the use of Apiary Book PRO to keep track of apiary management activities. Purchase subscriptions for people actively involved in beekeeping and for educational purposes (employees).

€2000/year for full package of services
Professional beekeeping services & more

It includes a year-long of professional beekeeping services (care & maintainance), interactive teaching activities & presentations for your team, honey harvesting & packaging, press materials.

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