Say "Hello!" to Ana Lucia! She is one of Apiary Book's international beekeepers and she tells us more about how the app helped her better organize her apiaries.

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Ana Lucia

Meet a beekeeper

Apiary Book is all about your bees but sometimes we like to know more about our users. So today we'd like to say "Thank you!" to Ana Lucia Flores Schimdt, beekeeper from Brazil. If you'd like to get to know Ana a bit more, check out her page Apiário Abelhinha Feliz or read about her experience with our app in the testimonial below.

How did you find out about Apiary Book?
I was looking for an app on the Internet.

What made you use the app?
I'm not sure, but I had read some opinions and Apiary Book seemed to be the best of all apps about beekeeping.

Ana Lucia

How has it improved your beekeeping experience?
First of all, it made me think about beekeeping in a professional way. Taking notes and controlling my hives via the app gave me the opportunity to prepare what I should do before going to apiary. So, I save time at the first moment. I'm a beginner user, so I'm learning all the tools that exist in the app. I hope and I'm sure I will do this that my apiaries will be much better next year, mainly because I'm controlling what is happening at the hives.

Why would you recommend it to other beekeepers?
Because nobody can get good results if they don’t know what is happening at the apiary and Apiary Book is a wonderful tool to help beekeepers know their apiaries, no matter how many hives they have.

Ana Lucia