Annie Tremblay M.Sc. is a beekeeping teacher from Universidad EARTH, Costa Rica

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Annie Tremblay

EARTH University

EARTH University prepares its students from various countries to contribute to sustainable development by obtaining an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences.
Bees are so essentials to agriculture, it was crucial to give opportunities to students to learn about beekeeping and the role of bees in food production.

Annie Tremblay

In 2015, Annie Tremblay M.Sc., zoologist, and Mirlande Hector, a 4th year student (Promotion 2015, Haiti) established an Educational Apiary.
The following year, and since then, Annie Tremblay has been teaching beekeeping and bee conservation as an elective course for the 4th year students interested in the subject.

Annie Tremblay

The Educational Apiary allows students to really have the chance to manipulate frames and be in close contact with Apis mellifera colonies. Furthermore, students can use the apiary to develop course or final year projects.
All colonies inspections are registered using Apiary Book application.


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