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Beekeeping Community Stories

"To survive, you must tell stories." - Umberto Eco
  • Ana Lucia - Brazil She is one of Apiary Book's international beekeepers and she tells us more about how the app helped her better organize her apiaries.
  • Johan Fourie - South Africa An agricultural scientist from South Africa & a hobbyist beekeeper since high school. He agreed to tell us about beekeeping in his country.
  • Manfredini Mario Apicoltura Manfredini Mario Apicoltura is the bigest italian beekeeping company, 8000 hives, 200 tones of honey per year. See more pictures!
  • Mark Baker - Hawaii He is a beekeeper from Hawaii that helped Police and Fire with many Honeybee Emergencies.Want to know the history of honey bees in Hawaii?
  • Kiril Marinov - Bulgaria Introducing Kiril Marinov from Bulgaria, beekeeper since 2005, talking about Bee Queen's Protective Reflex. I have been a beekeeper since 2005.
  • David Williamson - UK David Williamson aka the Bearded Beekeeper, is a Yorkshire beekeeper, with over 20 colonies. Find out what got him into Beekeeping!
  • Annie Tremblay - Costa Rica Annie Tremblay M.Sc. is a beekeeping teacher from Universidad EARTH, Costa Rica. EARTH University prepares its students from various countries.
  • Samuel Gamez - Mexico "I am a teacher at the Autonomous University of Baja California at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, and I work in the beekeeping area."
  • Srdjan Dangubic - Bosnia and Herzegovina He started beekeeping in 2014, 2 years after seeing a video on Facebook about a bee swarm that developed in a top bar hive.
  • Mike Bodamer - USA Meet Mike Bodamer from Pennsylvania, USA: "Knowledge is our key to ensuring that we do not mess up our fuzzy little friends”.
  • Monique - New Zeeland Meet Monique, she lives in a rural town, Dannevirke, from New Zealand and she is an organic beekeeper.
  • Victoria Reilley - Northwest Indiana, USA She is an enthusiast beekeeper who has faced a lot of challenges that have contributed to her experience.
  • Jude Ssettaba - Kampala, Uganda He is a honey processor who’s trying to change the beekeeping landscape in his country, from traditional to modern, through his own company.
  • Benny Alvarado - Costa Rica Meet Berny Damian Cruz Alvarado, from a small town called San Marcos de Tarrazú in Costa Rica. His project is based on the protection and conservation of stingless bees
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