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Apiary Book

Pricing plans


Complete apiary management solution on your smartphone


3.33 EUR/month


- Standlone Android app
- One apiary, 1 - 9 hives
- Voice assistant (hands-free support)
- Hive identification using QR codes, NFC tags
- Basic graphs/reports
- Reminders for important tasks
- Local data analysis and recommendations based on best practices
- Cloud backup/restore

Pro Sale

Fully integrated beekeeping management tools

Most popular
Yearly, 60 EUR

6.66 EUR/month -25%
only 5 EUR/month

6 Months, 50 EUR

only 8.33 EURO/month

Everything in FREE, plus:

- Multiple apiaries, Unlimited hives
- Web app for management, reporting and data analysis
- Cloud storage for all information
- Access of apiary data from multiple devices
- Advanced reports and analysis
- Access to know-how from all over the world
- Communication tools to talk with beekeepers and get valuable advice and share information

* price per user, per month (billed yearly/6 months)

What does Apiary Book PRO offer you:

Cloud sync

Quick access

Sync all your apiary information from mobile to desktop – access what you need when you need it.
Record apiary information on your smartphone then use the desktop version for reports and important insights.


Knowledge and information are your most valuable assets as a beekeeper.
Talk to beekeepers all over the world and exchange valuable know-how and best practices recommendations.


Best practices

Best practices

Best beekeeping management practices that should be adopted in the apiary by all beekeepers, whether they are hobbits or have years of experience.


A great tool to share and receive beekeeping information.
Become a mentor and help other beekeepers!
Find a mentor who can provide you with support and advice, write a short presentation about yourself and what beekeeping topics interest you and communicate directly.


Beekeeping tools

Beekeeping tools

Queen Rearing Calendar - know each step in advance so you can prepare all equipment, hives and bees to be ready on the appropriate dates
Sugar Syrup Calculator - calculator for mixing quantities of sugar and water to make syrups of various densities

Payment methods

The following payment options are available: Credit/debit card, PayPal payment, Bank transfer

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