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Welcome to the Apiary Book Help Center

QR Codes for hive identification

Use QR Codes for hive identification.
Using Apiary Book you can generate, print, detect and parse the QR code of your hive!

QR code

Generate a QR code for each hive and print it!
1. Open the Apiary Book app
2. In the top left, tap Menu ≡
3. Tap Hives
4. Tap on Hive 1-01
5. In the top right, tap ⁝ (option menu)
6. Choose Barcode
7. Print or Share the generated QR Code

QR code

Use this QR code to identify the hive.
1. Open the Apiary Book app
2. From Dashboard, tap Read barcode
3. Tap to capture. Pinch/Stretch to zoom.
4. If the barcode is detected successfully, the name of the hive is displayed together with the following actions: Hive, Inspection, Hive component, Graph

QR code

1. Hive - show hive details
2. Inspection - add new inspection
3. Hive component - add/remove frames, supers etc
4. Graph - display strength history of the bee colony