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Apiary Book Mission

We believe that only by working together, we can protect our planet's bees. Our mission is to help beekeepers from around the world to make better informed decisions by providing complete solutions that use innovative technologies and support collaboration between all stakeholders.

Our solutions have been developed to address the challenges of modern beekeeping and support communication across the board between beekeepers, beekeeping associations, farmers, universities, researchers and local authorities.

Minimize colony losses
Boost productivity
Increase revenue
Access Best practices

Our Solutions

Overcome the challenges of modern beekeeping with the help of technology!

Apiary Book

The most complete solution for the management of apiaries.

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Apiary Inform

A management and communication solution for beekeeping associations.

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Apiary Report

Designed to record and help easily detect problems/incidents impacting the health of bee colonies.

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Apiary Analytics

Access to recommendations based on weather predictions, recorded beekeeping data and current best practices.

Our Programs

We support beekeepers everywhere with dedicated programs. Join our efforts and contribute to make a positive impact!

Apiary Adopt

Be change you want to see in the world, Adopt an Apiary!

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Apiary at Work

Your company can have a real positive impact in the local community.

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Apiary Academy

Explore top online courses in the field of beekeeping and learn best management practices.

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Apiary Education

Get better beekeeping learning results for all students together with Apiary Book.

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Beekeepers are the first line of defense in the mission to protect our planet’s bees. Apiary Book offers them the most complete solution for:
Managing beekeeping activities in the apiary

You can record information on the number, health and maintenance of each bees family, treatments carried out, and other operations in the field of beekeeping.

Community support & mentorship

With Apiary Book you get access to know-how from all over the world. You can connect with other beekeepers and get valuable advice. You can either send them a personal message through the app and ask for advice, or acces our Mentorship program.

Data analysis & insights

We analyze data from bee colonies and environmental factors affecting their health, deliver reports and personalized advice that support better-informed decisions.

A Solution for Beginners and Professional Beekeepers

With the active support of the community and the use of innovative technologies, Apiary Book has become the most popular apiary management solution for beekeepers worldwide.

Apiary Book is more than an app, it is the best companion you can have in the apiary and on your journey as a beekeeper. Whether you're starting as a beekeeper or have years of experience, Apiary Book provides tools to manage your apiaries efficiently, with minimum colony loss, and accurately.

See our features in action

QR Codes: We know that managing the apiaries can be a complex job at times. Now it's easier than ever to identify your hive, by simply using QR Codes in your Apiary Book app. You can generate, print and scan the QR code of our hive.

Voice Assistant: When you're all suited up and it's difficult to take notes with a pen & paper, you can count on Voice Assistant. It works hands-free, just use your voice to take notes, create reminders, add new hives, read barcodes, perform treatments, define new activities, check the weather and more.

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Our Community

We are proud to have a large global community of beekeepers that supports our mission and has shared their stories with us. Have a look!

  • Ana Lucia - Brazil She is one of Apiary Book's international beekeepers and she tells us more about how the app helped her better organize her apiaries.
  • Johan Fourie - South Africa An agricultural scientist from South Africa & a hobbyist beekeeper since high school. He agreed to tell us about beekeeping in his country.
  • Manfredini Mario Apicoltura Manfredini Mario Apicoltura is the bigest italian beekeeping company, 8000 hives, 200 tones of honey per year. See more pictures!
  • Mark Baker - Hawaii He is a beekeeper from Hawaii that helped Police and Fire with many Honeybee Emergencies. Want to know the history of honey bees in Hawaii?
  • Kiril Marinov - Bulgaria Introducing Kiril Marinov from Bulgaria, beekeeper since 2005, talking about Bee Queen's Protective Reflex. I have been a beekeeper since 2005.
  • David Williamson - UK David Williamson aka the Bearded Beekeeper, is a Yorkshire beekeeper, with over 20 colonies. Find out what got him into Beekeeping!
  • Annie Tremblay - Costa Rica Annie Tremblay M.Sc. is a beekeeping teacher from Universidad EARTH, Costa Rica. EARTH University prepares its students from various countries.
  • Samuel Gamez - Mexico "I am a teacher at the Autonomous University of Baja California at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, and I work in the beekeeping area."
Do you want to know our contributors? Read their stories and become one yourself!

Latest articles from our Blog

  • Lewis Goddall takes us on an exciting beekeeping journey in the Midlands, UK

    Lewis Goddall, is a passionate beekeeper who’s been raising bees for about 4-5 seasons and holds rich baggage of valuable experience. He’s been practicing a lot in his apiary and also made mistakes from which he always learned. All this time, he had only one thing in mind – doing the best for his bees. All the way from North Worcestershire – UK, Lewis was happy to answer our questions and offer us his advice about beekeeping.

  • Why should beekeepers use a beekeeping management app?

    Blending together the traditional approaches with modern techniques can have great advantages in helping both beginner and experienced beekeepers run their operations more efficiently. Nowadays, beekeepers can interact with their hives on a whole other level than a few decades ago, having on their side an apiary management app. Unlike a notebook, where information sometimes gets lost, an app has endless space where a beekeeper can add as much data as he/she wants, to better understand the full process of his/her inspections.

  • “Honey New Product Development” project by Fileomera in collaboration with Apiary Book

    Romania is one of the most important honey exporters in the EU. Beekeeping has been considered a traditional practice in Romania for a long time, having the potential to contribute significantly to the economic development of rural areas, both in terms of honey production, as well as other bee products. However, according to studies conducted by Fileomera – the largest honey producer in Romania – the average price for Romanian honey is 3.79 Euro/ kg, below the average price in the European Union.

  • How to build a Langstroth Hive by yourself

    Are you thinking about building your own Langstroth beehive and saving more money? Considered the most popular type of hive around the world, Langstroth hives can be easily built at home. It requires the right type of wood, good materials, proper tools and some woodworking skills for a high quality hive. In the video below you will learn step-by-step how to build your own beehive and offer your bees the home they deserve. Doing it yourself will give you the biggest satisfaction.

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