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Learn Beekeeping with the Best Courses

Apiary Academy

Our eLearning platform aims to connect trainers, teachers and mentors with beekeepers who want to learn from the best in this field. Our mission is to create a place where beekeepers from around the world find wide variety of online beekeeping courses, workshops and trainings.

This is a project in development. To express your interest in it, please contact us below.

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About Apiary Academy
Key advantages
Increase your general knowledge about bees

Access e-Learning beekeeping courses through a centralized repository. All courses are reliable and meet high quality standards.

Understand threats affecting bees' health

Boost your awareness and take action. Our courses will take you through fundamental concepts and in-depth insights.

Learn a set of good management practices

Find out how to turn knowledge into practice. Discover relevant management practices that will take you to the next level.

Join a community of worldwide beekeepers

Your ideas and experiences are valuable. Share them with the other beekeepers in your class. You will get to teach and learn from each other.

Why should you enroll with us?
Did you know that more than 75% of the world’s food crops rely on pollination and bees are without bees we will have less food on our table?

This is one of many reasons why bees are so imperative to the well-being of our planet. We see beekeepers as the first line of defense in the mission to protect our planet’s bees. Beekeepers are passionate people who love honeybees, nature and the community.

While working in an apiary can be an incredibly fulfilling calling, beekeeping also involves responsibility. A beekeeper must be well informed and able to detect even the slightest sign that their bees are encountering issues. To increase your knowledge and face the challenges of modern beekeeping, you can find top online courses in the field of beekeeping by enrolling with Apiary Academy.

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Learn a good set of beekeeping practices that you can pass on to other beekeepers.

Learning about beekeeping from reliable sources is vital. Nowadays many of us go online and search for information. While the internet is often a good place to start, there are so many sources of information available that we may feel overwhelmed or not sure what to believe.

This is why it's important to learn your beekeeping practices from trustworthy courses held by experienced teachers, who have a long and successful background as beekeepers. In our Academy you will find high quality courses, workshops and trainings that are taught only by accredited beekeepers.

Join Apiary Academy
Why teach beekeeping with Apiary Academy?

Have you worked in the field of beekeeping and want to pass on your experience & skills? Are you a University professor and teach a beekeeping certificate program, an apiculture or entomology course?

Apiary Academy offers you the opportunity to connect with thousands of potential students, fresh beekeepers and bee enthusiasts, who are interested in learning from your courses, trainings or workshops.

You come with the knowledge, we support your through the process of enrolling students and being paid for the valuable know-how you have to offer. We would love to hear all about the courses you teach and have you as one of our teachers.

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Pests & Treatments

Detecting and treating for Varroa Mites

Coming soon
Beginner's Guide

Introduction into Beekeeping

Coming soon
Nutrition & Feeding

Honey bee nutrition and supplementary feeding

Coming soon
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